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Reverse Mortgages provided by Real Mortgage Associate Level 2 Jennie Grevers License # M12001873

Canada Reverse Mortgage Centre

Helping you turn your largest asset equity into retirement income

You don’t have to give up your home to keep up with inflation

Travel, renovate, or supplement your income in retirement



Estate Planning

Debt Relief

IPSOS POLL: 41% of downsizing Canadians would prefer to keep their family home, but downsized for financial reasons.

Canadian alternatives to downsizing
About Canada REverse Mortgage Centre

Based in Woodstock, Ontario, we’re happy to service reverse mortgage clients across Canada.

Led by Jennie Grevers (Mortgage licensed since 2012, working in the real estate and banking industry since 1999), our team of specialists is happy to help you find the best reverse mortgage solution.

Jennie Grevers, Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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Before we get started:

  • Reverse mortgages are available to Canadians 55+
  • Reverse mortgages apply to properties that are currently valued at $200,000+
  • We’re committed to helping you find the right solution, even if that’s not a reverse mortgage